Treasure Trove Chindi

TREASURE TROVE chindi rag rug combines colourful tones with black nylon warp, great for living room, bedroom or family room 


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Colourful tones with black nylon warp chindi, The black nylon warp gives an "overlay" efftect, toning down the colours, A modern initiative where excess materials are re-used in home textiles, Handmade in India from excess materials from the fashion industry, Each carpet is reversible.
Each carpet is unique. My whole collection is hand woven on hand looms, by local artisans in India. The weavers work form their home, which means the production process does not emit any fumes. Further, the weavers are safe from working in hazardous, run down factories. The work does not require a commute either, saving weavers money and time.
In-situ pictures on instagram @houseofdhurries
Also available as cushion cover Treasure trove cushion
Free delivery to Denmark, Sweden, Finland, Germany, Holland, Luxemburg, Belgium & Austria
Further destinations write to
Average delivery time within EU is 2 - 7 days
The chindi carpet is folded, rolled and packed in a plastic tube when delivered
Flatten unwanted folds from shipping, storage or impressions after heavy furniture with clean, damp (wring dry), cotton tea towels. Lay tea towel flat over the unwanted fold and place a heavy flat weight, like books or magazines on top. Leave for a few hours, remove and leave the area to dry.
Care instructions: Carpet maintenance

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