How do I strighten my carpet out? 
If the carpet has been folded or is uneven, place a clean, damp cloth on the fold. The gently iron the carpet on the reverse side. Allow the area to dry before placing furniture on the area.
A heavy, flat weight - like a pile of books can also be used to great advantage. Place the pile of books on the fold for a day and repeat as needed.

How do I maintain my carpet on a daily basis? 

A rubber or filt underlay is always recommended. This protects the carpet from sharp objects like stiletto heals and furniture legs.
Vacuume the carpet regularly to remove grit and dirt that can wear the carpet fibers down.
It's a good idea to rotate the carpet every 6 months. Especially in areas of heavy traffic like a hallway, the carpet can suffer and as a result show visible damage / colour fading. Turning the carpet around can also even out sun damage when the carpet is exposed to daily sunlight in an uneven ratio. Remember; furniture on top of the carpet blocks light, which can result in colour differences. Rotate the carpet every six months to even out the carpet.

Chindi carpets exposed to daily, heavily trafficated use, expose the ends of the textiles, that protrude upwards. These can simply be cut off or pushed back into the weave. Just as a cashmere sweater sheds extra fibers with use, the same happens to the chindi weave. Cut the ends with a sharp knife. Contact us if the problem persists.

My carpet /cushion has been soiled. How do I clean it? 
Use a clean, damp cloth and blot gently - do not rub.
Use the "Natural & Clean" cleaning agent (free gift with any carpet purchase) to remove stubborn or colored stains. Leave the area to dry. Do not place furniture on top of the dampe area.

How do I wash the entire carpet / chindi cushion? 
Dhurrie carpets are made from 100 % cotton. They can be spot cleaned using water and detergent (make sure the detergent does not contain bleaching agents). Be sure to straighten out the carpet after spot cleaning. Hang it over the top of a door or across some wooden chairs. (Beware of upholstered chairs or leather furniture)
To clean the whole carpet, use professional services.
Chindi carpets and cushions are made from upcycled materials. Our textiles can be made of any number of materials - silk, denim, cotton, hemp, wool, leather, banana silk etc. House of Dhurries recommends not washing the carpet since it is made of many differnet textiles that could all act differently to soap and water.

I have another question - How do I contact House of Dhurries? 
You can email or use the contact form on the website.

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