About House of Dhurries

Our Products

Dhurrie is an Indian version of Kelim carpets- flat weave cotton. The multi-striped designs are rooted in religion and tradition. We have composed a collection of terracotta and shades of indigo blue that goes well with contemporary taste- in particular if your taste in a little exotic.

Chindi carpets are made of cut-offs and excess fabrics from the fashion industry. The "scraps" are cut up into strips by hand - often twisted with strips of contrasting colour creating the asymmetrical but harmonic composition that makes all carpets unique.

This handloom chindi technique turns worthless waste materials into beautiful, practical (and reversable) carpets in a manner very friendly to the environment. At the same time, carpet weaving offers an income opportunity for the many families, where commuting is not an option due to famliy constraints or the complete lack of infrastructure.

Chindi cushion covers are made from chindi carpets. The cushions covers are supplied without the cushion filler.

Our team

We are a family owned company, established in early 2015. The team consists of two.

One well-travelled and experienced senior with international experience in hotel and residential interior design and a junior, with a degree in marketing and a love for travel. We share a keen interest in design and textiles that breathe individuality, hand crafted with flair and some degree of asymmetry, to underscore the individuality. No two carpets are the same.

Our Company

"Incredible India" is the Indian advertising slogan for travellers to India - it's spot on. It also pertains to the skills and imagination os Indian weavers, who can turn bundles of wool, silk, cotton, jute, hemp, leather and even grass into beautiful fabrics and carpets. The weavers still only use looms and manual tools, that have not changed much in a thousand years.

We have travelled extensively in India to find the best weavers for our designs, so we are able to offer high quality handloom woven carpets- designs that you will not find anywhere else.

Original designs in Dhurrie and Chindi execution and adjusted to suit contemporary interiors that will give your home a personal and exiting accent. The carpets are reversable and can therefore be used in both sides.

No children are involved in the production of our textiles.

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