Why do handmade carpets have imperfections?
Handmade products are unique and made by hand. There may be irregularites in the weave which is a part of the appeal and personality of "handmade" items. The looms used in rural areas are usually basic hortizontal looms placed on the floor, which makes it much more difficult to know a perfectly symmetrical carpet.

We have 5 sizes: 
A: 90 x 250 cm = 3 x 8 ft
B: 180 x 250 cm = 6 x 8 ft
C: 200 x 300 cm = 7 x 10 ft
D: 250 x 300 cm = 8 x 10 ft
E: 270 x 360 cm = 9 x 12 ft

How reliable are the photos online regarding the true colours of the carpet?
House of Dhurries strives to take as "realistic" pictures as possible.
All product photos have been taken in the same studio, with the same lighting and set-up. 

My carpet has a different colour in real life than the one I saw online? 
Product photos on the House of Dhurries homepage have been as streamlined as possible. The challenge regarding colours on a screen lies in the resolution of the individual screen, the type and age of viewing screen, the lighting in the room and also which online platform you are viewing from - Windows PC, MAC PC, iPad, Android tablet, iphone, smartphone etc. - even the screen's light setting can influence the perception of colour! We have tried to make the carpets on the homepage comparable with eachother by using the same settings for each photo. Customers can return carpets and pillows within 14 days, should the customer regret the purchase.

When should I use rubber under-padding? 
We recommend under-padding for thinner carpets since it prevents the carpet from slipping and helps it stay in place. Under-padding also provides more cushioning, thus prolonging the life of your carpet as it prevents pile crush and protects the carpet from the effects of sharp objects like high heels. Some of our chindi carpet variations have leather strips which tend to grip the floor, limiting carpet movement. however, underlay is always advisable. 

Explain the "special offers" ?
The special offers are either samples from earlier collections or from current collections, but in odd sizes. All products are new and all samples are unused.

Are the products made using child labour?
House of Dhurries' production does not involve child labour.

Does House of Dhurries have a showroom?
We are based in Copenhagen with a showroom. We are mailnly an online shop, but we sell carpets in several shops in Denmark and Sweden. The head office and showroom is in Denmark where customers can contact House of Dhurries and see the collection upon request.

I have another question - How do I contact House of Dhurries? 
Write to contact@houseofdhurries.com or via our contact form in the top menu.

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