Blue Horizon Dhurrie

BLUE HORIZON dhurrie carpet, combines denim blue and sand coloured stripes, the dhurrie carpet in 100% new cotton, Flat weave and durable


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Light blue and sand coloured dhurrie carpet, A modern carpet well suited for hardwood floor and amber tones, 100% cotton flatweave dhurrie, reversible, Woven by hand in India
My whole collection is hand woven on hand looms, by local artisans in India. The weavers work form their home, which means the production process does not emit any fumes. Further, the weavers are safe from working in hazardous, run down factories. The work does not require a commute either, saving weavers money and time.
In-situ pictures in instagram @houseofdhurries
Carpet weight

size B 180 x 250 cm : 7,7 KG
Average delivery time within EU is 2 - 7 days

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